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AED CPR Certified Equipment

What is an AED?

An AED is an Automated External Defibrillator.  To keep it simple, it is a machine that you apply on a victim that is in need of CPR.  The computer inside the machine will determine if the heart is in a “weird” and harmful rhythm that can be shocked.  The shock will reset the heart with hopes to take it out of the cycle of “wierd” rhythms and back into a regular beating pattern.  Every AED is voice guided and will tell you exactly what to do once you turn it ON!  All you need to remember is to turn it ON and listen to the directions.

Why should I buy an AED?

4 out of 5 Cardiac Arrests occur outside the hospital.  Over 200,000 people in the U.S. die of sudden cardiac arrest every year before receiving the emergency care.  Up to 50,000 of these deaths could have been prevented if an AED – automated external defibrillator ( AED ) had been available and someone had initiated immediately the Cardiac Chain of Survival at the time of the emergency.

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A Personal Story

My wife and I had been thinking about purchasing an AED since last year when we had both taken CPR/AED classes and learnt how early defibrillation significantly increases the chance of survival of a sudden cardiac arrest victim.  The price of an AED is not insignificant, and so we had been weighing up the need verses the cost.

In May of this year, I found myself performing CPR on one of my work colleagues who had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.  No AEDs were available at my office and defibrillation did not occur until emergency services arrived several minutes later.

Fortunately, my work colleague survived.  The incident did, however, highlight the fact that you never know when you might be in a situation where you need to help a work colleague, a friend, or a family member, and having the proper training and proper equipment can indeed, save a life.


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My husband and I hired Precious Hearts to come teach us CPR in our home and we had a WONDERFUL experience! Grace is a fantastic teacher and we learned so much. She had all the proper equipment for us to get lots of practice, she gave lots of real-world examples, and overall she made the process really fun and positive. Our nanny came for the 2nd half of the class and she reviewed the CPR and choking rescue procedures with her as well. I sleep better at night knowing that we received great training and I would HIGHLY recommend Precious Hearts for anyone considering CPR training. Thank you Precious Hearts Team!

Kate W, Google Review

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Precious Hearts, LLC is an Authorized Provider of the American Heart Association's CPR and ECC courses. It is our intent to provide an exceptional learning experience for all who entrust us with their minds!
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