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96 Minutes to Live

A 54-year-old Minnesota man is still alive due to the efforts of several people who gave him 96 minutes of CPR after a massive heart attack.

Mr. Howard Snitzer collapsed on the pavement before arriving at his local grocery store.  Two volunteer firefighters happened to own the service station across the street from where he collapsed. After running over and finding Snitzer in cardiac arrest the men rushed to begin the CPR process.

Luckily, there was an automated external defibrillator nearby. The men called two ambulance crews to up the number of people doing CPR on Snitzer. After more time went by, 911 called on Mayo One, the advance life support helicopter from Rochester, to come to the scene.

After numerous intravenous heart drugs, 11 jolts from the defibrillator, and 96 minutes of chest compressions, Snitzer’s heart finally stabilized and he was transported to Mayo Hospital.

Stories like these wouldn’t be possible without the tireless efforts of the men who did chest compressions and learned CPR. Learn CPR today from Precious Hearts Nashville!

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