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Cardiac Arrest Survivor Now Organizes CPR Classes

It was an ordinary June night for Erin Cassidy and her boyfriend. The two had gone out to a steakhouse to enjoy a nice dinner when suddenly, Erin went into cardiac arrest. Luckily for her, a woman was seated nearby who was a registered nurse. She immediately began CPR on Erin and ultimately saved her life. Erin was diagnosed with sudden cardiac arrest and was fitted with a defibrillator.

Now, seven months after that traumatic incident, Erin has decided to do something to give back to her community. “I thought, how could I not do something with this gift? So for me, my passion cause became CPR, because in that moment somebody gave me back the quality of my life,” Erin says. She now spends her free time organizing CPR classes for her community. And as odd as it may seem, Erin says she’s actually glad that the incident occurred, “because going through recovery I knew that I needed to do something with being given the gift of life again.”

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