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Teen Being Hailed As Hero

Andrew Wilson of Streamwood, Illinois, just 16 years old, is being hailed as a hero for saving the life of a young girl using a skill he thought he would never have to use: CPR. Wilson is a member of his local police department’s “Explorer Program for […]

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911 Dispatcher Saves Protocol to Save Toddler

Melissa Grable experienced something no parent should ever have to go through. Her 17-month old son, Aidan, was taking a nap with his grandmother, Cheri. The toddler had a cold and a nap was exactly something he needed. What had turned into a regular today all of […]

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Nurse and Off-Duty Officer Save Young Child

Amanda Darby is a nurse at a local hospital in Lake St. Louis, Missouri. A few weeks ago, she and her family trekked to a nearby town for her son’s ice hockey tournament. Several families from the team and the Darby’s were at the hotel, enjoying some […]

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Brave Granddaughter Saves Grandmother

Kendall Stilwell can still remember the day that her grandmother, Rita Lovato, collapsed and stopped breathing. “I felt really scared because I thought I was going to really lose my nana. I called 911, and I began to do CPR. It was a really scary moment,” she […]

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Former Marine Saves Father

It was supposed to be a normal day for Mark Salmon, a former Marine, and his father, Dave. They were on their way to go shopping. But Dave suddenly became unresponsive; he was having a heart attack. The family car was coasting slowly and hit a retaining […]

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Middle School Basketball Player Saved by CPR

Bailey Venet, 13, was in the middle of a basketball game against another local middle school when he collapsed on the court. Andy Dean, the opposing team’s coach, recalls what happened. “It was the fourth quarter of the tournament game, and there was a stop in play, […]

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Three Lives Saved in Six Days

Emergency responders in the Ithaca, NY area have had a busy holiday season! In the past 6 days, 3 lives have been saved – and it’s all thanks to the courageous teamwork between firefighters, EMTs, and trained bystanders. On December 17th, a 25-year old woman’s heart had […]

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Teen Performs Life-Saving CPR On Grandfather

Baltimore high school student Chelsea Elliott came home from school two weeks ago to find her grandfather, Frank, struggling to breathe. “It just felt like someone was sitting on me. I just couldn’t get nothing out,” he recalls. Chelsea’s adrenaline kicked in and she knew exactly what […]

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Man Receives Life-Saving CPR… At a CPR Conference!

Monique Anderson, M.D. of Duke Medicine was at a conference in Chicago presenting research on the importance of CPR and how vital it is to act as quickly and as early as you can when you are faced with someone who needs CPR. She and her colleague […]

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