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Giving CPR with a Face Mask

In our last few blog posts, we’ve talked about adult and infant CPR, and how to check for a response. This week, we are going to discuss how to give child CPR with a face mask.

Child CPR is given to any child who is older than 1 year old but has not yet reached puberty. Remember, if you are not sure how old a victim is, always give adult CPR.

1) Make sure the child is lying on his or her back on a firm surface. Move objects, clothes, and furniture out of the way. This makes the scene safe for both of you.

2) Put the heel of one hand on the lower half of the breastbone. Push straight down about 2 inches at the rate of at least 100 compressions/minute.

3) After each compression, let the chest come back up to its normal position. *If you can’t push down the full 2 inches, use 2 hands instead of 1 to push. One hand is not better than 2 or vice versa.*

4) If you are in an area that requires the use of face masks when doing mouth-to-mouth (some workplaces do), this is what you will do: put the mask over the child’s mouth and nose.

5) Tilt their head and lift their chin while pressing the mask against their face. You must make an airtight seal between their face and the mask.

6) Give 2 breaths. Watch for the chest to rise as you give breaths.

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My husband and I hired Precious Hearts to come teach us CPR in our home and we had a WONDERFUL experience! Grace is a fantastic teacher and we learned so much. She had all the proper equipment for us to get lots of practice, she gave lots of real-world examples, and overall she made the process really fun and positive. Our nanny came for the 2nd half of the class and she reviewed the CPR and choking rescue procedures with her as well. I sleep better at night knowing that we received great training and I would HIGHLY recommend Precious Hearts for anyone considering CPR training. Thank you Precious Hearts Team!

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