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Man Who Was Saved by CPR Starts “Heart Health Day”

Last July, Patrick Spink of Dacula, Georgia, was enjoying a run at Rabbit Hill Park when he collapsed. Luckily for Patrick, three strangers were nearby. Those three strangers were a heart lab technician, a nurse, and a citizen trained in CPR. The trio took turns administering CPR until medical personnel arrived and took Spink to the hospital. After Spink made a full recovery, he reunited with his rescuers and thanked each of them personally.

Now, after having successfully undergone heart bypass surgery, Spink wants to pay it forward by hosting a “Dacula Heart ┬áDay”. He wants everyone in Dacula to learn CPR – the ┬álife-saving technique that saved him. The event will include a pancake breakfast (yum!), CPR classes, and free EKGs. Spink is asking for donations, and the proceeds will go to purchasing two AEDs for local churches in the area.


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