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Nashville Man Saves Co-Worker

May 18, 2012 was supposed to be a normal day for Lee Dedmon. But sadly, that was not the case. Dedmon says he doesn’t even remember going to work that day, but what happened would change his life forever.

Dedmon went into cardiac arrest at his desk and slumped over in his chair, unconscious. Toby Cooper, who worked right down the hall from Dedmon, saw his lifeless body. According to Cooper, he and another co-worker tried to get a response from Dedmon but were unsuccessful. They knew they had to act quickly and immediately began CPR. “It seemed unreal. I was scared, but something just told me inside, ‘Just do it,'” Cooper said. Cooper’s heroic and quick actions are what ultimately lead to Dedmon’s survival. Dr. Keith Churchwell of Vanderbilt Medical Center says that, “As soon as CPR is started, the chances of someone living, surviving an event, chances go up dramatically.”

Dedmon had had a pre-existing heart condition that unfortunately became worse, which led to his cardiac arrest. After undergoing a lung and heart transplant and implementing some lifestyle changes, he’s feeling better than ever. And among those lifestyle changes? Learning CPR. Dedmon took a class in case any else ever needs his help; he knows he’ll be able to do something. In fact, everyone who works with Dedmon on his floor became CPR certified also.


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