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Officer Performs CPR on 9-Day Old Infant

Officer Ben Crumlin was on patrol when he noticed a car behind him flashing their lights. “There’s this car flashing its lights. … I was thinking, someone pulling up to say, there’s a wreck behind me….,” he said. Instead, a man pulled up next to Crumlin and frantically told the officer that his 9-day old son was in the backseat and not breathing.

Crumlin acted immediately and started performing compressions on the small child. The baby was no bigger than a football, and Crumlin said he was able to cradle him in his forearm. Thankfully, the child started breathing on his own and was taken to the hospital. The baby’s family don’t know why he stopped breathing, but apparently he had vomited shortly before.

Thanks to the family’s quick-thinking and Crumlin’s knowledge of CPR, the life of a baby has been saved.

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