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Parents Learning Infant CPR in East Nashville

We had a great time on a beautiful Saturday afternoon as lovely parents and friends gathered round the dummies…well, let’s call them mannikins. As a pediatric nurse, it makes my heart swell with delight when parents are educated and empowered. One time, while working in a Children’s Hospital in California, I experienced the extreme opposite of this ideal empowerment. A mom of a sick child found her infant completely unresponsive, so instead of calling 911 and starting the CPR herself, did what she thought was best…and drove to the hospital. This poor mama! My heart went out to her! If only she had known to call on some help! If only she had known the couple simple skills, she could have maybe saved her son’s life. It is not our responsibility to give life (and it’s not in our power), but it is our privilege to help someone in an emergency and do the very best that we can. This is what makes me so passionate to teach parents and members of the community! Thank you for all who have entrusted your learning with me!

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