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Soccer Players Team Up to Save Fellow Teammate

Brad Golding, a 17-year old soccer player, was warming up on the field when he went into cardiac arrest. Had it not been for the quick thinking of two of his fellow teammates, Golding might not be here today.

Sav Ferraro and Kurtis Rae, who had only met each other that day, showed the best kind of teamwork there is and performed CPR on Golding, which ultimately saved his life. Golding went on to make a full recovery and was fitted with an implant to control his heart rate. Doctors say that if Ferraro and Rae had not been there, Golding would have had a 10% chance of survival.

The three have understandably become very close friends, but the incident still rings fresh in their minds. “It was a traumatic experience so it can get to you, or you can have the ‘hallelujah’ moment where you realize you helped save someone’s life,” Kurtis says.

Rae and Ferraro have been nominated for a community hero award within their hometown and hope to raise awareness on CPR education if they win.

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