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why cpr…a personal story

One thing I love to focus on in class is “why.”  I feel like if we can understand the why behind things in life, decisions become much easier to follow through with.  I found the same to be true as I would carry out tasks as a nurse.  If I understood that doing something temporarily painful was going to help my screaming toddler patient in the long run, it felt as though I am doing something to help the big picture.  I feel that the same is true for a lay-rescuer performing CPR.  It took me a very long time after being certified as a teenager to realize what we were actually doing when pushing on the chest!  It wasn’t until nursing school that I realized that compressions on the chest are actually what is providing bloodflow to the brain, heart, and vital organs!  I wish I knew that a while ago!  It’s all about the “why” if you ask me!  That is why I’ll be posting some short video clips to clear the mystery about CPR…tune in!

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