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6th Grader Saves Her Friend’s Life

Skylar Berry, in most ways, is like any other 11-year old girl. She hangs out with friends, swims, and… save lives?

Yes, this remarkable girl saved the life of her friend just last week. She was at a friend’s birthday pool party. A few hours in, she noticed that one of her friends was at the bottom of the pool, lifeless. “He was gone, right in front of our eyes,” Sklyar said. “We lost a friend and I was just thinking, ‘there’s only one more chance, we could try it.'”

After getting their friend out of the pool, Skylar checked for his pulse and immediately began CPR. Thanks to Skylar’s brave efforts and quick thinking, her friend was back in school just 2 days after this traumatic incident.

Skylar’s mother, Marissa, asked her daughter where she learned this life-saving technique. Skylar’s response? “Mom, Fire Camp, duh!”

Fire Camp is a local summer camp offered at the Sacramento Metro Fire Department that teaches kids about fire safety, water safety, and of course, CPR.

Now, Skylar plans to devote her spare time to teaching her friends and other kids her age about CPR.

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