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Baseball Umpire Saves Field Worker’s Life Thanks to CPR

Jim Joyce, an umpire at Chase Field in Phoenix, is best known for his famous blown call, which can cost a pitcher a perfect game. But now, it seems that he’s known for something else: being a hero. Jane Powers, a ballpark server, had just finished her routine laps around the field when she felt her muscles start to contract. Powers felt a little off and went over to her friend to share her concerns when she collapsed.

Joyce was on his way to the umpire locker room when he saw Powers fall, and sprang into action. Having previously taken CPR courses, he knew exactly what to do. Thanks to his quick thinking, Powers made a full recovery and is back at work at Chase Field.

Powers says the incident really opened her eyes to the importance of taking CPR classes and getting certified. She’s recently started throwing parties that involve teaching CPR to her friends and family. One of those friends even went on to save another person’s life because of her party.

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