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CPR Guidelines

Giving CPR with a Face Mask

In our last few blog posts, we’ve talked about adult and infant CPR, and how to check for a response. This week, we are going to discuss how to give child CPR with a face mask. Child CPR is given to any child who is older than […]

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How to Perform Infant CPR

A few weeks ago we went over adult CPR, so today we’re going to focus on infant CPR. If you are ever in a situation where someone needs CPR but you are not sure if they are a child, infant, or adult, always use adult CPR. Here […]

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How to Check for Responsiveness

If you encounter someone that may need CPR, checking for responsiveness is always the first thing you want to do. In order to do this, you are going to: 1) Support their head and neck. Turn them so that they are lying flat, face-up, on a hard surface. […]

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How and When to Use Adult CPR

CPR has two main parts: compressions and giving breaths. These two components work together by pumping blood and oxygen to the brain and heart. Adult CPR is different than child/infant CPR, so if you ever encounter someone who needs CPR but are unsure of whether or not […]

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CPR Tip Breathing for Adult Victims

The video clip highlights the guidelines of CPR rescue as defined by the American Heart Association. In the last video, we discussed the technique of chest compressions in CPR. Compressions are absolutely the most important part of CPR. If you can also breathe for the victim, you […]

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CPR Training and Certification Classes Nashville – Compressions Technique for Adult Victim Video Clip 4

CPR training can seem difficult, but it is my goal to ease the learning process. In this clip, we’ll discuss CPR Compressions technique for an Adult Victim. Compressions are the most important part of CPR. Compressions = Pushing Hard + Pushing Fast on the Chest. When you […]

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CPR Training and Certification Classes Nashville – Compressions Overview Video Clip 3

Here is another CPR training tip…what most people miss about compressions. Subscribe to my blog for more CPR Training Tips!

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Video Clip…Getting Help

Here are a couple tips on what to do in the initial period once you’ve determined someone needs CPR. Subscribe to my blog for more CPR Training Tips!

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Determining the Need for CPR

This Introductory video clip helps you to determine the need for CPR under the guidelines of the American Heart Association.  Before you give CPR, you will check a response level by tapping and shouting.  If they are not responsive, you want to make sure to activate the […]

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My husband and I hired Precious Hearts to come teach us CPR in our home and we had a WONDERFUL experience! Grace is a fantastic teacher and we learned so much. She had all the proper equipment for us to get lots of practice, she gave lots of real-world examples, and overall she made the process really fun and positive. Our nanny came for the 2nd half of the class and she reviewed the CPR and choking rescue procedures with her as well. I sleep better at night knowing that we received great training and I would HIGHLY recommend Precious Hearts for anyone considering CPR training. Thank you Precious Hearts Team!

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