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Survival Stories

Aunt Saves Infant Nephew with CPR on Highway

Pamela Rauseo and her five-month old nephew, Sebastian, were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on a Miami highway last week. Sebastian, who had been crying nonstop all throughout suddenly stopped, and Pamela’s instinct told her to check on him. Pamela said, “When he stopped crying, I […]

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Nashville Man Saves Co-Worker

May 18, 2012 was supposed to be a normal day for Lee Dedmon. But sadly, that was not the case. Dedmon says he doesn’t even remember going to work that day, but what happened would change his life forever. Dedmon went into cardiac arrest at his desk […]

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Emergency Rescuers Meet the Baby They Saved

For Zavier Pestana’s parents, Melissa and Paul, the morning of December 18, 2013 was as crazy and hectic as it could be. Melissa was convinced she would have to deliver the baby in their home, but firefighters were immediately rushed over after Paul made a frantic 911 […]

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Mother and Son Save Father Thanks to CPR

Brigette Bell was eating dinner with some colleagues last January, when CPR became the topic of discussion.“I remember someone saying, ‘No mouth-to-mouth. You just get on their chest and you don’t stop compressions,’” she said. This type of CPR is called “Hands-Only CPR”, and only requires chest […]

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Good Samaritan Hailed as a Hero

Trevor Ballif was just in the right time at the place, he says. But others say that he’s a hero. Ballif, a respiratory therapist, was on his way to work at the hospital when he drove by a motorcycle crash. The cyclist was lying in the middle […]

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Super Bowl Party-goer Saves Child

The Covington family had a Super Bowl party last Sunday, and perhaps the last thing they expected was for one of their children to end up in the children’s hospital. Bree Fontenot’s four-year old son came down the stairs early on the game and told his mother […]

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Heart Attack Survivor Preaches Importance of CPR

June 24, 2012 was no ordinary day for retired Marine Jim Sprecher. It was the day he had a heart attack. He had just walked into the house from the garage, told his wife to call 911 and collapsed. Fortunately for Sprecher, his wife is CPR certified. […]

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Police Officers Save One of Their Own

Even heroes need saving from time to time. Commander Gary Dunlap was laughing and joking with his classmates at the police academy seconds before he went into cardiac arrest and was found slumped over at his desk. Sgt. Michael Evans, Lt. Mark Gardner and Det. Kim Atwood all […]

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79-Year Old Is Brought Back to Life with CPR

Dick Malin of Vancouver is what you would call a “gym rat”. At 79-years old, he still works out at the gym 4 to 5 days a week. So when he went in for his workout on January 2nd, he thought nothing of it. Malin went over […]

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Beachgoers Team Up to Rescue Young Boys

Two boys, aged four and six, were with their mother at a local beach in Perth, Australia, when the unthinkable happened. According to reports, the young boys lost their footing in the water because the floor of the man-made beach drops off very suddenly. Another mother noticed […]

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