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Super Bowl Party-goer Saves Child

The Covington family had a Super Bowl party last Sunday, and perhaps the last thing they expected was for one of their children to end up in the children’s hospital.

Bree Fontenot’s four-year old son came down the stairs early on the game and told his mother that 3-year old Sydney was “making weird noises”. Bree didn’t think anything of it, but her friend Bri Webb volunteered to check on the kids. She found Sydney at the top of the stairs, choking on a meatball. After performing the Heimlich on Sydney, the child suddenly went limp. Webb immediately began CPR, knowing that it was vital that oxygen get to Sydney’s brain as soon as possible. Sydney started breathing on her own, shortly before medics arrived on the scene.

It just so happens that Webb had gotten re-certified in CPR the week before the Super Bowl, something Sydney’s mother is incredibly thankful for.

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