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CPR Training is Empowering Nashville

People always ask me if I get tired of teaching CPR. Nope! It is so exciting to see so many people empowered with such a simple but lifesaving skill. Most are afraid that they wouldn’t be able to perform CPR if they needed to, but after our classes, say they would definitely know what to do in the event of an emergency. I am so honored to teach such a class. I know that it is not the most glamorous thing to attend, but I can assure you that many have joined the fun and feel so good that they know how to rescue a victim. I love teaching all categories of students, but especially love CPR Parties! It’s usually at someone’s home, friends are over, and after an hour of learning, they just have a good time. How many times do we look for opportunities to get together? Here are some honest student responses:
CPR Instructor was Great!
This CPR Course was presented very well and the instructor was extremely professional and covered all areas.
The Instructor was engaging and had great tips and stories.
Grace was wonderfully knowledgeable.
The Instructor was fun, informative, and engaging.
Presentation was well planned and carried out in a professional manner.
This CPR Course was simple and I received more personal attention. It was not as intimidating. It was a relaxed atmosphere with excellent course material.
It was a good mix of teaching and practice.
The course was informative and method of teaching was excellent.

Here’s one that was really sweet:
I prefer this CPR class 100x over! She was energetic and I learned some things I’d never learned in the 5 other times I’ve taken CPR.

There you have it…now it’s your turn to check out why Precious Hearts is the best place to receive CPR training!

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Precious Hearts, LLC is an Authorized Provider of the American Heart Association's CPR and ECC courses. It is our intent to provide an exceptional learning experience for all who entrust us with their minds!
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