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Helping a Choking Child: Severe Blockage

What would you do if you came across a child who was choking? Do you know what to do? Well, don’t worry, because that’s what our blog post is about this week!

If a child is severely choking, he or she might: 1) make the “choking” sign – holding the neck with one or both hands, 2) not be breathing, 3) have a cough that has no sound, or 4) not be able to talk or make any sounds. If you observe any of these, you must act quickly.

1) First, ask them if they are choking. If they say yes, let them know that you are going to help them.

2) Get behind them and wrap your arms around them so that your hands are in front.

3) Make a fist with 1 hand.

4) Put the thumb side of your fist slightly above their belly button and well below their breastbone.

5) Grasp your other fist with your hand and give fast upward thrusts into their abdomen. Continue to thrust until the object is forced out and the child can breathe, cough, or talk.



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