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Hockey Goalie Saves Fan… During a Game!

Patrick O’Brien is a goalie for the Gander Flyers, but as of last week, he can add “lifesaver” to his resume!

O’Brien was in the locker room getting ready for a game when he heard that someone in the stands had gone into cardiac arrest. The goalie, who had just become a certified EMT five months ago, immediately rushed out,¬†wearing his skates, hockey pants and just one shin pad, and found the middle-aged man unconscious without a pulse. O’Brien began compressions until medical personnel arrived with defibrillators. The man was rushed to the hospital where it is said that he’s making a full recovery, all thanks to O’Brien and his heroic efforts.

As for O’Brien? He doesn’t see it as anything special. “Anyone would have done what I did,” he told the local newspaper.

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