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Police Officer Performs CPR on Man, Saves His Life

Oklahoma City Police Officer Stacy Bowen was in the parking lot of a BassPro when Carl Schreiner suffered a heart attack behind the wheel of his truck, causing him to crash into another car. Bowen rushed over and immediately began CPR compressions. “I was just doing my job,” she says. Remarkably, this is not the first time Bowen has been in the right place at the right time. Last year, she saved the life of a young boy who was choking in a local restaurant. Her heroic actions were all caught on the restaurant surveillance tape.

Bowen was awarded the OKC Police Department’s “Lifesaving Award” at this year’s banquet for her heroism.

Meanwhile, Carl Schreiner made a full recovery and says of Bowen, “She is a special person with a special calling and I feel she is anointed. I couldn’t have been in a better place – and my doctors have told me that, saying man you were in the right place at the right time!” Schreiner is without a doubt incredibly thankful that Bowen knew CPR.

Both he and Bowen strongly encourage everyone to take CPR classes; you never know when you might save a life.

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