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Soccer Coach Saves Referee’s Life with CPR

While refereeing a soccer game, David Shane began to feel light-headed and collapsed. The 56-year-old had Lyme disease, and told others that he suffered from it. He also told them that if he did faint to not call 911, because he’d likely be okay. But soccer coach Todd Schisler immediately sensed something was wrong and that he looked anything but okay. Not finding a pulse, Schisler began CPR compressions with the help of athletic trainer Jeff Maier.

Schisler managed to stay calm and collected throughout the ordeal. As a coach, it’s mandatory for him to be trained in CPR. He says, “It’s something I’ve trained for and prepared for, so it’s nice to know that I’m able to do it if needed.”

Shane was transported to the hospital and made a full recovery. He was able to meet Schisler and thank him, something says Schisler is the biggest reward of all.


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