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How To Treat a Burn

This week we’re going to continue with First Aid. Here, you’ll learn how to treat both major and minor burns. Burns can be caused by contact with heat, electricity. When treating burns, use cool water. Do NOT use ice, as ice can damage burned areas. Also, be aware that if you are treating someone with a burn, they could get too cold and even develop hypothermia. 

1) Firstly, makes sure the scene is safe. Grab a First Aid kit. Be sure to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

2) If the burn area is small/minor, use cold water to cool it down (but not ice water). Keep running it under water until the burn no longer hurts.

3) Afterwards, cover it with a dry, nonstick sterile or clean dressing.

But, what if there’s a fire? Or the victim has a large burn and you don’t know what to do? Dial 911 immediately.

If the victim is on fire, have them stop, drop, and roll as soon as possible. Then, cover them with a wet blanket until the fire is put out. Follow these steps if someone has a major burn.

1) As with any situation, always make sure the scene is safe.

2)  If there is a fire/someone on fire, extinguish it immediately. Remove any jewelry or clothing that is stuck to their skin.

3) Cover the victim with a dry blanket and check for signs of shock.

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