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First Aid: Internal Bleeding by Precious Hearts CPR

Internal bleeding can be marked by a bruise or other outside minor marking, but most of the time it is undetectable. Being hit hard or falling hard can cause a internal bleeding.


  • An injury from a car crash, being hit by a card, or after a fall from a height
  • An injury to the abdomen or chest (including bruises)
  • Sport injuries
  • Pain in the chest/abdomen
  • Shortness of breath afterwards
  • Coughed-up or vomited blood after an injury
  • Signs of shock without bleeding you can see
  • A knife/gunshot wound

First Aid Steps:

  1. Make sure that the scene is safe. Get a first aid kit and AED. Wear personal protection, such as gloves.
  2. Alert emergency phone number of the event.
  3. Have the person lie down and keep still.
  4. Check for signs of shock.
  5. See if the person needs CPR. If he does, give CPR. If you don’t know how, give hands-only CPR.
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