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First Aid: Seizure by Precious Hearts Nashville


A seizure is abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Most seizures stop within a few minutes. Epilepsy is the most common cause of seizures. Seizures may also be caused by:

  • Head injury
  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Heat-related injury
  • Poisons


  • Lose muscle control
  • Fall to the ground
  • Jerk arms, legs, or other parts of the body
  • Stop responding

First Aid Steps:

During a seizure:

  1. Make sure the scene is safe.
  2. Protect the person by: moving furniture or other objects out of the way and placing a small pad/towel under his/her head if it is easy to do so.
  3. Have someone phone 911.

After a seizure:

  1. See if the person needs CPR.
  2. Stay with the person until a medical professional arrives.
  3. If the person is vomiting or has fluids in his mouth and doesn’t have a neck injury, roll them over.
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